KM3 Physics and Software


Scientific Motivation

This part of the effort is aimed at three major goals:

Determine the Science of Interest and Return
Neutrino Physics
Neutrino Astrophysics
Simulations of events/physics and detector
Software for reconstruction of events, display of events, etc.

KM3 Software System Concept

Current Status of Effort

Detailed MC (generates OM hit distributions) Complete
Stage 1 (particle generation) complete
Stage 2 (track / OM hit generation) Very far along
Stages 3 and 4 (PMT physics, triggering) Just beginning
Stage 5 (Reconstruction) Not yet started
Event Display/Visualization yet started

KM3 Software System Goals

The KM3 software effort has for its goals the following outputs

The Monte Carlo program, documentation, major results and test cases
Simulation of the potential results from a km-scale neutrino detector
Muon energy resolution
Electron energy resolution
$\nu_\tau$ energy resolution and flavor separation
Estimate on the density of detectors (OMTs) needed to detect WIMPS and other items of HEP interest.

Reference to Papers relating to the KM3 electronics and digital optical module:

Title: Simulation Software and Results for km-scale neutrino detector
Authors: Douglas Lowder et al.
A description of the simulation software, tests cases, and results.

Title: Simulations of Site Optical Properties
Authors: William Chinowsky et al.
Predictions and requirements for site optical properties measurements.