CMB Estimation of Cosmological Parameters
Accurate, high resolution measurement of the CMB anisotropies provides a means to a precise estimate of many cosmological parameters and crucial tests of many cosmological models. The precision and importance of these parameters makes CMB observations central to cosmology and extra galactic astrophysics.

Omega_Total or the Flatness (Geometry) of Space

Ho - Hubble Expansion Rate

Cosmological Constant - Lambda

Primordial Density Fluctuations Power Spectrum & Statistics

Omega_baryon: Baryon Content of the Universe

Inflation Parameters

Energy Level of Potential - Primordial Gravitons
Slope of Inflation Potential
Curvature of Inflation Potential
Scalar Perturbation Behavior

Existence & Parameters of Topological Defects

Nature of Dark Matter & Possible New Particles

For example see Planck and WMAP performance estimation