Cosmic Microwave Background Software Tools

For the NASA/Advanced Information Science Research Project

Data/Simulation Pipeline

1. Simulations
Data Format: COBE Sky Cube at resolution 11 (6,291,456 pixels at 5.25 arcmin!

1. Code, Foregrounds -> Sky Representations
2. Experimental Simulation (instrument, scan strategy) -> data

COBE, MAP, Planck

2. Data Processing

Make Cleaned, Calibrated, Time-Ordered-Data (From both simulations and experiments)
Common format
Handling of Large Datasets
Pixelization & Pointing
Cleaning, Calibration, Instrumental Effects
Data Quality Assurance

3. Data Analysis: Extraction/Compression

"Intermediate Maps"
(a la COBE): contain Noise; use for following analysis
Power Spectra
Cosmological Parameters
Non-Gaussian Statistics?
"Final Maps"
e.g., Wiener Filtering: extract foregrounds/cosmological signal separately.

4. Data Visualization