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Physics 139 Announcements

for Prof. Smoot's class

The text book for this course is "Relativity: Special, General, and Cosmological" by Wolfgang Rindler. (I recommend the paper back version at 40$.) For the more advanced portion of General Relativity, I recommend Introducing Einstein's Relativity by Ray d'Inverno. There are also lecture notes which can be accessed via the homework page.

Last year the for the first part of the course I used as the text book is "The Special Theory of Relativity" by David Bohm published by Routledge Press.

A second recommended book is "Basic Relativty" by Richard Mould published by Springer-Verlag.

For the second part of the course, for advanced students I recommended Gravitation and Cosmology by Ohanian.

Professor is George F. Smoot
Office 398 Le Conte
Office Hours: Tuesday 12:30-2, Thursday 10-11, 12:30-1:30, and by appointment

TA Is Surya Ganguli
Office 281 LeConte
Office hours:
Phone: 642-5647

We are developing an email list for the class and will reach people electronically. Solutions are posted on the board outside this office. We can reached electronically by the newsgroup or by email at

Discussion section is held 2-3 Thursday in room 331 LeConte Review Session February 26, 2001 6PM Room 331 LeConte

Mid-Term Exam 1, Tuesday 26 February 2002
Covers through problem set 5 (E&M plus Doppler shift).
Homework solutions available.
Review Session on Sunday or Monday under arrangment by Surya.

This table presents the staff involved in Physics 139.
Last, First Name
(Alpha by Last)
Smoot, George, F. 398 LeConte
Tuesday & Thursday 12:30-2PM
Ganguli, Suyra 281 LeConte
Tuesday & Thursday 12:30-2PM