Physics 251 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic

30 August 2004 George Smoot "Physics 251: Organization, Introductions to Research, Resources"

30 August 2004 Dmitry Budker "Tests of fundamental symmetries using atomic physics and applied atomic spectroscopy", the Budker group Abstract: We will give an overview of our experiments testing Fundamental Symmetries (parity, time-reversal invariance, spin-statistics connection, and temporal stability of fundamental "constants") as well as more applied work in atomic spectroscopy, optics, and magnetometry.

6 September 2004 Labor Day

13 September 2004 Joel Fajans  "Antimatter, waves and pendulums studied with non-neutral plasmas."

20 September 2004 Steve Boggs "Astrophysics and Space Physics at the Space Sciences Laboratory"

27 September 2004 Stuart Bale "Interplanetary Plasma"

4 October 2004 Petr Horava   String Theory

11 October 2004  Marco Battaglia & Yury Kolomensky HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS at BABAR and preparing for the linear collider"

18 October 2004  Stuart Freedman "Neutrinos, Kamland, and Weak Interactions, Measuring theta13 with a reactor";

25 October 2004 Jonathon Wurtele accelerators

3 November 2004 Dick Packard

8 November 2004 Yasunori Nomura

15 November 2004   Ivo Souza  "Electronic structure calculations of insulators in electric fields"

22 November 2004 Steven Leone  "Ultrafast processes, Attoseconds, and Microscopies"

29 November 2004  Saul Perlmutter, Greg Aldering, Peter Nugent "The evidence for Dark Energy from a study of Supernovae" Supernovae contact informations

6 December 2004 Kevin Lesko "SNO, Double-Beta Decay

10 December 2004 Instruction Ends