Main projects:

COBE: satellite data analysis on the anisotropy and spectrum of the cosmic microwave background and on infrared emission from Galactic and extragalactic sources.

MAX, MAXIMA and BOOMERANG: a balloon-borne degree CMB anisotropy experiment. MAXIPOL a CMB polarization experiment

Planck Surveyor : formerly called COBRAS/SAMBA: is a satellite proposed to extend the COBE DMR work. It completed Phase A feasibility study in May 1996, and has been selected for a mission by ESA (European Space Agency) in July 1996.

GEM: the Galactic Emission Mapping project. A radio survey of Galactic emission.

Neutrino Astrophysics Projects designed to detect high energy neutrinos.

Former Projects such as this one to measure the long wavelength spectrum of the cosmic microwave background and the U2 jet aircraft borne experiment that detected the CMB dipole anisotropy.