COBE Science Working Group

The COBE Science Working Group (SWG) is comprised of the following members:

  Name		Affiliation		     Project Function		    # in Photo


Bennett, C.L.	 NASA-GSFC		DMR Deputy Principal Investigator	 6

Boggess, N.W.	 NASA-GSFC (retired)	COBE Deputy Project Scientist		 7

Cheng, E.S.	 NASA-GSFC		COBE Deputy Project Scientist		 1

Dwek, E.	 NASA-GSFC							 *

Gulkis, S.	 NASA-JPL							10

Hauser, M.G.	 NASA-GSFC		DIRBE Principal Investigator		15

Janssen, M.	 NASA-JPL							 8

Kelsall, T.	 NASA-GSFC		DIRBE Deputy Principal Investigator	18

Lubin, P.M.	 UCSB								13

Mather, J.C.	 NASA-GSFC		FIRAS Principal Investigator & COBE Project Scientist 11

Meyer, S.S.	 U. Chicago							 5

Moseley, S.H.	 NASA-GSFC							12

Murdock, T.L.	 General Research Corp.						 4

Shafer, R.A.	 NASA-GSFC		FIRAS Deputy Principal Investigator	 3

Silverberg, R.F. NASA-GSFC							 9

Smoot, G.F.	 U C Berkeley		DMR Principal Investigator		16

Vrtilek, J.M.	 NASA-HQ							 *

Weiss, R.	 MIT			COBE SWG Chairman			17

Wilkinson, D.T.	 Princeton							 2

Wright, E.L.	 UCLA								14


* not in photograph

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Photograph of the Science Working Group
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