PLANCK LFI Data Quality Checking

Data quality checking is a critical part of mission operations and the long term performance of the experiment. The data quality checking tasks during operations are likely to be divided into the following categories:
  • Data Quality Checking During Operations
  • For PLANCK LFI data quality checking will require substantial preparation and also a reservoir of experienced scientists and engineers. Work will need to be done prior to launch to develop the data quality checking guidelines and then more effort after launch to refine and further develop those procedures. We can also anticipate that a significant effort will be needed to understand the science data quality checking in much greater detail than the simple filter, status, sieve, and trending done for the routine monitoring. This will require the same personnel with the expertise to understand the detectors and instrument at a deep level. e.g. thermal performance, sensor behavior, etc.and those that understand the next level of data processing leading ultimately to the map-making and scientific results. These are called out roughly in the following list.
  • Data Quality Checking Preparation and In-Depth
  • However, all the expertise and knowledge about the instrument and its various subsystems will not reside at the institution with primary responsibiltiy for data quality checking. So the knowledgeable and responsible personnel will have to provide support in both the development of the data quality checking processes, in the processes remotely, through verification and validation of the data quality checking, e.g. review of reports and results, and through in-depth monitoring of the instrument performance and long-term health. This is one of the areas in which the US and NASA supported staff can be very valuable to the Planck mission.

  • Tasks and Roles for Scientists in Data Quality Checking