PLANCK LFI Generate Ancillary Data Sets

Generation of the ancillary data sets needed for the PLANCK LFI science is a major task requiring extensive effort by scientists:
  • Generation of Ancillary Data Sets
  • For PLANCK LFI obtaining and developing these ancillary data sets is critical to the scientific output of the mission but is not in the standard mode in which the bulk of the data will be processed. This effort will require substantial preparation and and effort by knowledgeable. Work will need to be done prior to launch to develop the algorithms, accuracy and precision levels, software and procedures, and then more will be necessary after launch to refine and further develop these data sets. 
  • Development of Ancillary Data Sets

  • It is very likely that the data processing center will neither have the manpower or the expertise to provide the ancillary data sets without very significant outside assistance. This is one of the areas in which the US and NASA supported staff can be very valuable to the Planck mission.
  • Tasks and Roles for Instrument Experts