MAX4 Sigma Herculis Documentation

The file "max4sh.dat" contains the Sigma Herculis observation binned data from the fourth flight of the Millimeter-wave Anisotropy eXperiment (MAX4). The analysis is described in detail in Clapp et al. 1994, Ap. J. 433, L57 (astro-ph 9404072).

There are four bands centered at 3.5, 6, 9, and 14 cm-1. The 14cm-1 band is included as a veto for interstellar dust; it should not be included in any CMBR analysis.

There are 12 columns and 21 rows in the file. Column 1 is not applicable to this data set. In column 4, positive is in the direction of positive azimuth. Temperatures are in antenna temperature difference units. To convert from antenna temperature differences to CMBR temperature differences, scale by

Band (cm-1) Scale
3.5 1.54
6 2.47
9 6.18
14 34.1

Column Description Number format
1 Rotation number integer
2 Right ascension (degrees) real
3 Declination (degrees) real
4 Angle from center of scan (degrees) real
5 3.5 cm-1 band (microKelvin) real
6 3.5 cm-1 band variance (microKelvin) real
7 6 cm-1 band (microKelvin) real
8 6 cm-1 band variance (microKelvin) real
9 9 cm-1 band (microKelvin) real
10 9 cm-1 band variance (microKelvin) real
11 14 cm-1 band (microKelvin) real
12 14 cm-1 band variance (microKelvin) real
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