An Image of the Radio Galaxy 3C219

(original from NRAO Home Page)

The radio image, made with the NRAO Very Large Array, is colored red and yellow and is shown superposed on an optical image (colored blue) of the parent galaxy. Thin jets of radio emission can be seen carrying energy from the nucleus of the galaxy to giant radio lobes that are much larger than the entire visible galaxy. The major feature seen here-nuclear jets transporting energy to a network of magnetic filaments within radio lobes-is characteristic of many bright radio galaxies.

VLA Observers: D. Clarke, A. Bridle, J. Burns, R. Perley, M. Norman

Reference: Clarke, D., Bridle, A.H., Burns, J.O., Perley, R.A., and Norman, M., Ap. J., 385, 173 (1992)

Mike Merrifield ( 21st June 1995 (last updated June 21st 1995)