CMB Estimation of Cosmological Parameters

Acurate, high resolution measurement of the CMB anisotropies provides a means to a precise estimate of many cosmological parameters and crucial tests of many cosmological models. The precision and importance of these parameters makes CMB observations central to cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics.

Omega_Total or the Flatness (Geometry) of Space

Ho - Hubble Expansion Rate

Cosmological Constant - Lambda

Primordial Density Fluctuations Power Spectrum & Statistics

Omega_baryon: Baryon Content of the Universe

Inflation Parameters

Existence & Parameters of Topological Defects

Nature of Dark Matter & Possible New Particles

For example see Planck and MAP performance estimation and science performance page.

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On the Smoot Group page you can read about the experiments and observations of the CMB such as the COBE satellite and its instruments, the MAX/MAXIMA/BOOMERANG balloon-borne instrument, and the Planck (formerly COBRAS/SAMBA) satellite (now approved by the European Space Agency).

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