GEM Postdoctoral Position

The Smoot Group is making low-frequency Galactic emission through the GEM (Galactic Emission Mapping) project. As part of that effort we are seeking postdoctoral fellows.

We anticipate an opening for a Post Doctoral Research Physicist beginning Spring of 1999.

Candidate will spend most time in Berkeley developing receivers and conducting data analysis. Some time in may be spent conducting observations from southern Brazil and perhaps Anarctica.

See specifically our GEM Recruitment for Brazilian operations page. There are other related pages showing more pictures and information about GEM.

You may reach the group by the following routes:
fax: 510-486-7149
e-mail: via address of the form:, e.g.
mail: Astrophysics Group, MS 50-205, LBNL, 1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94720

Apply through the position advertised through the Space Sciences Laboratory of the University of California at Berkeley.

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