KM3 Neutrino Detector Postdoctoral Position

The Smoot Astrophysics Group is collaborating on and engaged in the development of the kilometer-scale astrophysical neutrino detector. As part of that effort we are seeking postdoctoral fellows.

We plan an opening for a Post Doctoral Research Physicist beginning Fall of 1997. The position is in support of the physics and software development for the KM3 neutrino detector R & D effort. The KM3 detector is designed to look for very high energy astrophysically-produced neutrinos. The science is

The position is aimed at improving our science goals and potential primarily through participation in the development of software. In particular, the monte carlo simulation and reconstruction software. There is also development of electronics, system design, and deployment technology.

All outstanding candidates will be considered. A candidate with a background in physics and computer science is highly desired.

We are working with the AMANDA collaboration involving the data analysis. A significant portion of the effort may involve data analysis.

You may reach the group by the following routes:
telephone: 510-486-5237
fax: 510-486-7149
e-mail: via address of the form:, e.g.
mail: Astrophysics Group, MS 50-205, LBNL, 1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94720

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