Graduate Student Research Associates Page

We are very interested in quality candidates for graduate student research associates. We are particularly interested in thesis research students.

Summer Positions for Entering Graduate Students:

CMB Research and the Planck Surveyor satellite to measure CMB anisotropies and determine cosmological parameters.

Investigating Dark Energy and Dark Matter working on the Supernova Factory and SNAP utilizing supernova and gravitational lensing.

High-energy neutrino physics working on the KM3 Neutrino detector

Computer science and cosmology students to work COMBAT (Cosmic Microwave Background and Analysis Tools) project to develop software for analysis and visualization of large data sets. Has a particular emphasis on the CMB data processing and analysis tools.

Students to work on the GEM (Galactic Emission Mapping) project.

You may reach the Smoot group by the following routes:

Karen Byrd- Administrative Assistant
elephone: 510.486.6872
Fax: 510.486.7149

e-mail: via address of the form:, e.g.
mail: Astrophysics Group, MS 50-5005, LBNL, 1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94720