Physics 10 Book List 2

for Prof. Smoot's class

Readings from Scientific American. Series (Single books with reprints of about ten articles on a single subject, such as "Physics of Music," "Energy and Power," "Cosmology," etc.)

D.J. Albers & G.L. Alexanderson. Editors. "Mathematical People: Profiles and Interview" (Birkheuser Boston, 1985)

L.W. Alvarez. "Adventures of a Physicist" (Basic, 1987)

P.W. Atkins, "The Second Law" (Scientific American Library, 1985)

"Molecules" (Scientific American Library, 1988)

John D. Barrow and Joseph Silk, "The Left Hand of Creation" (Basic Books, 1983),
w/ Frank J. Tipler, "The Anthropic Cosmological Principle" (Oxford Univ. Press, 1986)

Marcia Bartusiak, "Thursday's Universe" (Tempus, 1988)

Alan D. Beyerchen, "Scientists Under Hitler" (Yale, 1977)

Niels Bohr, "Essays on Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge" (Vantage, 1965)

Daniel Boorstin, "The Discoveries: A History of Man's Search to Know His World and Himself" (Random House, 1985)

Max Born, "My Life: Recollections of a Nobel Laureate" (Scribner, 1978)

J. Boslough, "Stephen Hawking's Universe" (Morrow, 1987)

Mary E. Bowen, Ed. "Writing about Science" (Oxford, 1979) A collection of pieces by many good popular science writers.

Carl B. Boyer, "The Rainbow: From Myth to Mathematics" (Princeton Univ. Press, 1987)

Reinhard Breuer, "Contact with the Stars: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life" (Freeman, 1982)

P. Bridgman, "Reflections of a Physicist" (Philosophical Library, 1955)
"Logic of Modern Physics" (MacMillan)

E. Broda, "Ludwig Boltzman: Man, Physicist, Philosopher" (Ox Bow, 1983)

H. Brody, "Tennis Science for Tennis Players" (Univ of Penna. Press, 1987)

Kenneth Brown, "Inventors at Work" (Tempus, 1988)

S.C. Brown, "Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford" (MIT Press, 1981) In Physics Library

John G. Burke, "Cosmic Debris: Meteorites in History" (Univ. Cal. Press, 1987)

Peter H. Cadogan, "From Quark to Quasar: Notes on The Scale of The Universe" (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1985)

S. Chandrasekhar, "Truth and Beauty: Aesthetics and Motivations in Science" (Univ. Chicago Press, 1987)

J.L. Christian, Ed. "Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence: The First Encounter" (Prometheus, 1976)

G.E. Christianson, "In the Presence of the Creator: Isaac Newton and His Times" (Free Press, NY, 1984)

Ronald W. Clark, "Einstein, the Life and Times: An Illustrated Biograpy" (H.N. Abrams, 1984)

Barbara Lovett Cline, "Men Who Made a New Physics: Physicists and the Quantum Theory" (Chicago, 1987)

Frank Close, "The Cosmic Onion: Quarks and the Nature of the Universe" (Heinemann, 1983);
w/ Michael Marten & Christine Sutton, "The Particle Explosion" (Oxford Univ. Press, 1987)

Preston Cloud, "Oasis in Space: Earth History from the Beginning" (Norton, 1987)

I. Bernard Cohen, "The Newtonian Revolution: With Illustrations of The Transformation of Scientific Ideas" (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1980)
"Revolution in Science" (Harvard, 1985)

Martin Cohen, "In Darkness Born: The Story of Star Formation" (Cambridge, 1986)

K.C. Cole, "Sympathetic Vibrations: Reflections on Physics as a Way of Life" (Morrow, 1984)

Robert P. Crease and Charles C. Mann, "The Second Creation: Makers of the Revolution in Twentieth Century Physics" (MacMillan, 1986)

Paul C.W. Davies, "The Accidental Universe" (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1982)
"God and the New Physics" (Simon & Schuster, 1983) In Physics Library
"Superforce: The Search for a Grand Unified Theory of Nature" (Simon & Schuster, 1984) In Physics Library
"The Cosmic Blueprint: New Discoveries in Nature's Creative Ability to Order the Universe" (Simon & Schuster, 1988)
w/ J. Brown, "The Ghost in the Atom: A Discussion of the Mysteries of Quantum Physics" (Cambridge, 1986)
"Superstrings: A Theory of Everything?" (Cambridge, 1988)

Terrence Dickinson, "The Universe...and Beyond"

Stillman Drake, "Galileo at Work: His Scientific Biography" (Univ. Chicago, 1978) In Physics Library

F. Durham, "Frame of the Universe: A History of Physical Cosmology" (Columbia Univ. Press, 1983)

Freeman J. Dyson, "Disturbing the Universe" (Harper & Row, 1979)

"Weapons and Hope" (Harper & Row, 1984)

Ivan Ekeland, "Mathematics and the Unexpected" (Univ. Chicago Press, 1988)

Timothy Ferris, "Coming of Age in the Milky Way" (William Marrow, 1988)

G. Feinberg, "Solid Clues: Quantum Physics, Molecular Biology, and the Future of Science" (Simon & Schuster, 1985)

Gerald Feinberg and Robert Shapiro, "Life Beyond Earth: The Intelligent Earthling's Guide to Extraterrestrial Life" (Morrow, 1980) In Astronomy, Moffitt Libraries

Laura Fermi, "Atoms in the Family: My Life with Enrico Fermi" (Univ. Chicago Press, 1954)

L.S. Feuer, "Einstein and the Generations of Science" (Transaction Books, 1982)

Richard Feynman. "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman: Adventures of a Curious Character" (W.W. Norton, 1985);
"What do You Care What Other People Think?" (Norton, 1988)

George B. Field, "The Invisible Universe: Probing the Frontiers of Astrophysics" (Birkhauser, 1985)

Arthur Fine, "The Shaky Game, Einstein, Realism, and the Quantum Theory" (Univ. Chicago Press, 1986)

Dennis Flanagan, "Flanagan's Version: A Spectator's Guide to Science on the Eve of the 21st Century" (Knopf, 1988)

Ira Flatow, "Rainbows, Curve Balls: And Other Wonders of the Natural World Explained" (Marrow, 1988)

G. Foley, "The Energy Question" (Viking Penguin, 1987)

Robert L. Forward & Joel Davis, "66 Mirror Matter: Pioneering Antimatter Physics" (Wiley, 1988)

Alan J. Friedman & Carol C. Donley, "Einstein as Myth and Muse"

Otto R. Frisch, "What Little I Remember" (Freeman, 1980)

Harold Fritzsch, "The Creation of Matter" (Basic, 1984)

"Quarks: The Stuff of Matter" (Basic Books, 1983)

M. Gardner, "Science: Good, Bad and Bogus" (Prometheus, 1981)

Sheldon Glashow w/ Ben Bova, "Interactions: A Journey Through the Mind of a Particle Physicist and the Matter of This world" (Warner, 1988)

W. Glen, "The Road to Jaramillo: Critical Years of Revolution in Earth Science" (Stanford Univ. Press, 1982)

Stanley Goldberg, "Understanding Relativity: Origin and Impact of a Scientific Revolution" (Birkhauser, 1984)

James Gleick, "Chaos: Making a New Science" (Penguin, 1988)

M. Goldman, "The Demon in the Aether: The Story of James Clerk Maxwell" (Paul Harris Pub., 1983) In Physics Library

Donald Goldsmith, "Nemesis: The Death Star and Other Theories of Mass Extinction" (Berkeley Pub., 1986)

Martin Goldstein, "How We Know: An Exploration of the Scientific Process" (Plenum, 1978)

Peter Goodchild, "J. Robert Oppenheimer: Shatterer of Worlds" (Houghton Mifflin, 1981)

V. Gornick, "Women in Science: Portraits from a World in Transition" (Simon & Schuster, 1983)

Samuel A. Goudsmit, "Alsos" (H. Schuman, NY, 1947) The World War II Intelligence Search for the Rumored German Atomic Bomb

Steven Jay Gould, "Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle" (Harvard, 1987)

J. Gribbin, "In Search of Schrodinger's Cat" (Bantam, 1984)
"In Search of the Double Helix" (McGraw-Hill, 1985)
"In Search of the Big Bang: Quantum Physics and Cosmology" (Bantam, 1986)
"The Hole in the Sky" (Bantam, 1988)

D.F. Griffing, "The Dynamics of Sports: Why That's the Way the Ball Bounces" (Mohican, 1982)

R. Harre, "Great Scientific Experiments" (Oxford Univ. Press, 1983)

Edward Harrison, "Darkness at Night: A Riddle of the Universe" (Harvard, 1987)

W.K. Hartmann & R. Miller, "Cycles of Fire: Stars, Galaxies and the Wonder of Deep Space" (Workman, 1987)

Stephen Hawking, "A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes" (Bantam, 1988)

Robert M. Hazen, "The Breakthrough: The Race for the Superconductor" (Summit, 1988)

J.L. Heilbron, "Lawrence and His Laboratory: Nuclear Science at Berkeley" (LBL Newsmagazine, Fall 1981);

"The Dilemmas of an Upright Man: Max Planck as Spokesman for German Science" (Univ. Cal. Press, 1986)

W. Heisenberg, "Tradition in Science" (Seabury, 1983)

N. Herbert, "Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics" (Anchor/Doubleday, 1985)

A.J.G. (Tony) Hey and Patrick Walters, "The Quantum Universe" (Cambridge, 1986)

P.J. Hilts, "Scientific Temperaments: Three Lives in Contemporary Science" (Simon & Schuster, 1982)

A. Hodges, "Alan Turing, the Enigma" (Simon & Schuster, 1983)

Paul Hoffman, "Archimedes' Revenge: The Joys and Perils of Mathematics: (Norton, 1988)

D. Hofstadter, "Metamagical Themes: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern" (Basic Books, 1985)

Gerald Holton, "The Advancement of Science, and its Burdens" (Cambridge, 1986)

R.H. Kargon, "The Rise of Robert Millikan: Portrait of a Life in American Science" (Cornell Univ. Press, 1982)

William J. Kaufmann, "Discovering the Universe" (Scientific American Library, 1987)

Fedor Kedrov, "Kapitza: Life and Discoveries" (translated from Russian) (Mir, Moscow, 1984)

A. Keller, "The Infancy of Atomic Physics: Hercules in his Cradle" (Clarendon, 1983)

Daniel J. Kevles, "The Physicists, The History of a Scientific Community in Modern America" (Harvard Univ. Press, 1987)

Rudolph Kippenhahn, "100 Billion Suns" (Basic, 1983)

D. Knight, "The Age of Science: The Scientific World-View in the Nineteenth Century" (Blackwell, 1986)

James W. Kunetka, "City of Fire: Los Alamos and the Birth of the Atomic Age, 1943-1945" (Prentice-Hall, 1978)

David Layzer, "Constructing the Universe" (Freeman, 1985)

S. Levy, "Hackers" (Anchor/Doubleday, 1984)

L.M. Libby, "The Uranium People" (Crane, Russak, 1979) In Physics Library

Anna H. Livanova. "Landau: A Great Physicist & Teacher" (Pergamon, 1980) A Soviet citizen writing about the USSR's greatest physicist

D.M. Livingston, "The Master of Light" (Scribners, 1973), a biography of Albert A. Michelson. In Moffitt

B. Lovell, "Emerging Cosmology" (Columbia Univ. Press, 1981)

Pamela McCorduck, "Machines Who Think" (Freeman, 1979)

B. McCusker, "The Quest for Quarks" (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1983)

Thomas R. McDonough, "The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Listening for Life in the Cosmos" (Wiley, 1986)

Walter McDougall, "The Heavens and the Earth" (Basic, 1985)

Arthur I. Miller, "Imagery in Scientific Thought: Creating Twentieth Century Physics" (Birkhauser, 1984)

Michael J. Moravcsik, "Musical Sound: An Introduction to the Physics of Music" (Paragon, 1987)

Richard Morris, "Dismantling the Univere: The Nature of Scientific Discovery" (Simon & Schuster, 1983)
"Time's Arrows: Scientific Attitudes Toward Time" (Simon & Schuster, 1986)
"The Nature of Reality" (McGraw-Hill, 1986)

Philip & Phylis Morrison, "The Ring of Truth: An Inquiry Into How We Know What We Know" (Random House, 1987)

Philip M. Morse, "In at the Beginnings: A Physicist's Life" (MIT, 1977)

Richard A. Muller, "Nemesis: The Death Star" (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1988)

J.V. Narlikar, "The Lighter Side of Gravity" (Freeman, 1982)

Donald E. Osterbrock, John R. Gustafson, and W.J.S. Unruh, "Eye on the Sky: Lick Observatory's First Century" (Univ. Cal. Press, 1988)

Heinz Pagels, "The Cosmic Code: Physics as the Language of Nature" (Simon & Schuster, 1982)
"Perfect Symmetry: The Search for the Beginning of Time" (Simon & Schuster, 1985)
"The Dream of Reason: The Computer and the Rise of the Sciences of Complexity" (Simon & Schuster, 1988)

Abraham Pais, "Subtle is the Lord: The Science and Life of Albert Einstein" (Oxford Univ. Press, 1983)
"Inward Bound: Of Matter and Forces in the Physical World" (Oxford Univ. Press, 1988)

David Park, "The How and the Why: An Essay on the Origins and Development of Physical Theory" (Princeton, 1988)

Barry Parker, "Search for a Supertheory" (Plenum, 1988)

R. Peierls, "Bird of Passage: Recollections of a Physicist" (Princeton Univ. Press, 1985)

Ivars Peterson, "The Mathematical Tourist: Snapshots of Modern Mathematics" (W.H.Freeman, 1988)

Richard Preston, "First Light: The Search for the Edge of the Universe" (Morgan Entrekin/Atlantic Monthly, 1988)

J.R. Pierce, "The Science of Musical Sound" (Scientific American Library, 1983)

J.C. Polkinghorne, "The Particle Play: An Account of the Ultimate Constituents of Matter" (Freeman, 1979) In Physics Library

L. Pyenson, "The Young Einstein: The Advent of Relativity" (Hilger, 1985)

Alastair Rae, "Quantum Physics, Illusion or Reality?" (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1986)e
David M. Raup, "The Nemesis Affair: A Story of the Death of Dinosaurs and the Ways of Science" (Norton, 1986)

Petro Redondi, "Galileo: Heretic" (Princeton, 1987)

Edward Regis, "Who Got Einstein's Office?: Eccentricity and Genius at the Institute for Advanced Study" (Addison-Wesley, 1987)

T.R. Reid, "The Chip: How Two Americans Invented the Microchip and Launched a Revolution" (Simon & Schuster, 1985)

Richard Rhodes, "The Making of the Atomic Bomb" (Simon & Schuster, 1987)

J.S. Rigden, "Rabi: Scientist and Citizen" (Basic, 1987)

Michael Riordan, "The Hunting of the Quark" (Simon & Schuster, 1987)

Fritz Rohrlich, "From Paradox to Reality: Basic Concepts of the Physical World" (Cambridge, 1987)

Milton A. Rothman, "A Physicist's Guie to Skepticism: Applying Laws of Physics to Faster-Than-Light Travel, Psychic Phenomena, Telepathy, Time Travel" (Prometheus, 1988)

Rudy Rucker, "Mind Tools: The Five Levels of Mathematical Reality" (Houghton-Mifflin, 1987)

B. Russell, "The ABC of Relativity"

J. Sayen, "Einstein in America: The Scientist's Conscience in the Age of Hitler and Hiroshima" (Crown, 1985)

Jonathan Schell, "The Fate of the Earth" (1982)

E.W. Schrier & W.F. Allman, editors, "Newton at the Bat: The Science in Sports" (Chas. Scribners Sons, 1984)

D. Schroeer, "Science,Technology and the Nuclear Arms Race" (Wiley, 1984)

Julian Schwinger, "Einstein's Legacy: The Unity of Space and Time" (Scientific American Library, 1986)

Emilio Segre, "From X-rays to Quarks: Modern Physicists and Their Discoveries" (Freeman, 1988)

"From Falling Bodies to Radio Waves: Classical Physicists and Their Discoveries" (Freeman, 1984)

Gilbert Shapiro, "A Skeleton in the Darkroom: Stories of Serendipity in Science" (Harper & Row, 1986)

Robert Shapiro, "Origins: A Skeptic's Guide to the Creation of Life on Earth" (Summit, 1986)

J. Shore, "The Sachertorte Algorithm and Other Antidotes to Computer Anxiety" (Viking, 1985)

Joseph Silk, "The Big Bang: The Creation and Evolution of the Universe" (Freeman, 1980)

R. Smoluchonski, "The Solar System" (Freeman, 1983)

N. Spielberg & B.D. Anderson, "Seven Ideas That Shook the Universe" (Wiley, 1987)

Steven M. Stanley, "Earth and Life Through Time" (Freeman, 1985)

Henry J. Steffens, "James Prescott Joule and the Concept of Energy" (Science History Pub., 1979)

V.J.Stenger, "Not By Design: The Origin of the Universe" (Prometheus, 1988)

Gunther S. Stent, "Paradoxes of Progress" (Freeman, 1978)

C. Sutton, "The Particle Connection: The Most Exciting Scientific Chase Since DNA and The Double Helix" (Simon & Schuster, 1984)

Geza Szamosi, "The Twin Dimensions: Inventing Time and Space" (McGraw, 1986)

Gary Taubes, "Nobel Dreams" (Random House, 1986)

Edward Teller, "Energy from Heaven and Earth" (Freeman, 1979)
"The Pursuit of Simplicity" (Pepperdine Univ. Press, 1980)

Silvanus P. Thompson, "Life of Lord Kelvin" (Chelsea, 1976)

I. Tolstoy, "James Clerk Maxwell: A Biography" (Canongate, 1981) In Physics Library

J.S. Trefil, Any title

Wallace Tucker & Riccardo Giacconi, "The X-Ray Universe" (Harvard Univ. Press, 1985)

W/ Karen Tucker, "The Dark Matter: Contemporary Science's Quest for The Mass Hidden in Our Universe" (Morrow, 1988)

Ethlie A. Vare, "Mothers of Invention" (Morrow, 1988)

James C. Walker, "Earth History: The Several Ages of Earth" (Jones & Bartlett, 1986)

Jearl Walker, "Roundabout: Readings From the Amateur Scientist in Scientific American" (W.H. Freeman, 1985)

Mark Washburn, "Distant Encounters: The Exploration of Jupiter and Saturn" (Harbrace, 1983)

P.M. Watkins, "Story of the W and Z" (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1985) In Physics Library

Spencer W. Weart, "Scientists in Power" (Harvard, 1979)

S. Weinberg, "The Discovery of Sub-Atomic Particles" (Freeman, 1983)

"Nuclear Fear: A History of Images" (Harvard Press, 1988)

Richard S. Westfall, "Never at Rest: A Biography of Isaac Newton" (Cambridge, 1980)

Fred Whipple, "The Mystery of Comets" (Smithsonian, 1985)

Frank Wilczek & B. Devine, "Longing for the Harmonies: Themes and Variations From Modern Physics" (Norton, 1988)

Clifford Will, "Was Einstein Right?: Putting General Relativity to the Test" (Basic, 1986)

David Wilson, "Rutherford: Simple Genius" (MIT Press, 1983)

Fred A. Wolf, "Taking the Quantum Leap" (Harper & Row, 1981)

John E. Wood, "Sun, Moon, and Standing Stones" (Oxford, 1978)

Herbert F. York, "Making Weapons, Talking Peace: A Physicist's Odyssey from Hiroshima to Geneva" (Basic, 1987)

L.B. Young, "The Unfinished Universe" (Simon & Schuster, 1986)

Anthony Zee, "Fearful Symmetry: The Search for Beauty in Modern Physics" (MacMillan, 1987)

J. Ziman, "Puzzles, Problems and Enigmas: Occasional Pieces on The Human Aspect of Science" (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1981)