Physics 139 Research Report

for Prof. Smoot's class

The Recent Research Report is due at the lecture Thursday April 23, 1998 .

An article acceptable as the subject of this report must be
1) from a science magazine that lists references to original source articles in the scientific literature. These references may appear at the end of the main article, or in a section of the magazine called "Further Reading" or such. Among the magazines that have such references are Scientific American, Physics Today, American Scientist, Astronomy, Mathematical Intelligencer, Science, and Nature
2) published in an issue dated of May 1, 1996 or later
3) at least four pages of text in length

These articles typically are written by active scientists, explaining their work to students at your level. Your task is to explain the article, in 500 or more words, in language understandable to your colleagues or fellow students and calculate a result mentioned but not shown in the article.

Please submit:
(1) the Recent Research Report Checklist/Grading Sheet found in this packet;
(2) a photocopy of the article on which you are reporting;
(3) a photocopy of one of the source articles referenced in the main article;
(4) your report itself, which need not be copied.