Group photo on Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Bldg 50 roof. Left to right people are Giovanni de Amici, Charles Lineweaver (kneeling), Luis Tenorio, George Smoot (bending), John Gibson (in back), and Jon Aymon. They are looking at a 90 GHz differential microwave radiometer. This radiometer was used on the roof, at White Mountain, and at the South Pole to measure the emission from the Cosmic Microwave Background and also from the atmosphere.

George Smoot and Jim Peebles at a conference in El Escorial Spain 1992/3. This photograph taken during a panel discussion.

Steve Hawking and George Smoot in Berkeley 1993.

Norma Sanchez and George Smoot during a talk at Erice in September 1996.

George Smoot at a conference in El Escorial Spain.

George Smoot making the April 29, 1992 announcement of the COBE DMR discovery of cosmic microwave background anisotropy.

George Smoot standing next to a Sicilian cart in the main square of Erice in September 1996.

Craig Hogan, David Schramm, George Smoot, Bruce Partridge, Parjinskii, and ? in Erice September 1992.

George Smoot and Doug Heine preparing gondola for flight in about 1974.