The Rhodes/HartRAO 2326 MHz continuum survey

The Rhodes/HartRAO 2326 MHz continuum survey

This radio continuum survey of the entire southern sky has been the major research project of the Radio Astronomy Group. All of the observations were made using the 26 metre telescope at HartRAO. The observations extended over a period of 13 years. The survey is now essentially complete, and the initial results are to be published.

This survey is the highest frequency and highest resolution radio continuum map of this type.

Click here or in South Africa to view our map of the 2326 MHz radio emission from the southern sky combined with the 1420 MHz map of the northern sky by Reich & Reich.

Supplementary observations using a horn telescope have still to be made, which will allow us to accurately calibrate our data.

Justin Jonas
Thu May 9 10:20:14 GMT+0200 1996