GEM - The Galactic Emission Mapping Project

GEM Instrument Operation from the South Pole

The first observations using the GEM dish were carried out at the South Pole in the Austral summer 1991/1992. It was missing the GEM scanning mechanism. The idea was to probe the only existing full sky map (Haslam et al 1982) from the southern hemisphere to provide and independent check in the region of minimum coverage. The data were in good agreement with the Haslam et al. map.

The results of the scans and the equipment operating location are shown in the following pictures.

Photo of the GEM dish operating near (1 km away) the South Pole. Giovanni De Amici shown in the foreground with parka pulled back for identification and clearly showing the effect of being on 2 km of cold ice.

408 MHz map of south polar celestial cap.

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