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Below are connections to the various teams and groups working on COBE and a full list of COBE personnel. This list of people and organization that contributed to COBE can be found as an appendix of the book Wrinkles in Time written by George Smoot and Keay Davidson.
This is an attempt to save some historical information about COBE and the teams of people that were responsible. Please send comments, corrections, additional links, photographs, etc to George Smoot at e-mail or via G. Smoot MS 50-205, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, 1 Cyclotron Rd, University of California, Berkeley CA 94720.
Revised 21 November 1996;

The Various Teams:

The COBE Science Working Group.
The DMR team .
The DIRBE team .
The FIRAS team .
The Operations team .
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Revised 21 November 1996;

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