GEM - The Galactic Emission Mapping Project

GEM Instrument Operation from Cachoeira Paulista

In July 1998 GEM observations was moved to Cachoeira Paulista in Sao Paulo state in Brazil. There observations were begun at the end of July 1998.

The results of the scans and the equipment operating there are shown in the following pictures and graphs

GEM Instrument set up and just beginning operations in Cachoeira Paulista

Photo of the GEM dish operating near Cachoeira Paulista at the INPE (Brazilian Space Agency) base.

Preliminary 1465 MHz GEM scan taken from in Cachoeira Paulista

Panoramic View showing GEM in operation. Note that GEM has rotated around significantly during the period that the pictures were being taken.

More pictures of GEM taken in August 1998 at Cachoeira Paulista.

Recreation and relaxation related to the GEM project. This is designed to help recruit students and others to help operate the GEM project in Brazil.

More Pictures of GEM in Cachoeira Paulista.

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