Detecting UFO Neutrinos with the KM3

The KM3 detector can be used to detect as yet unkown sources of high energy neutrinos.


Due to its great penetrating power neutrino astronomy may detect sources and classes of sources that have yet to be observed since they are opaque to photons.

Scientific Motivation

Unknown Astrophysical and Cosmological Sources

It is always exciting and good to open a new window of observation. Each time this has been done in the past, new discoveries have been made.

UFOs and Aliens

UFO Neutrinos                             

If you watch StarTrek, you will note that they often do neutrino scans of objects, ocassionally they find that all the neutrinos are left-handed. If they do, then we will notice.

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Reference to Papers relating to detecting unknown sources of neutrinos:

KM3 Project

KM3 a telescope designed to detect and identify point sources of high-energy (greater than 1 TeV) neutrinos

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