A possible mechanisms to produce EHE/UHE neutrinos is

Annihilation or collapse of topological defects (TDs)

Decay of topological defects such as monopoles, cosmic strings would release their trapped energy in the form of supermassive gauge bosons and Higgs bosons. Further decay of these "X-particles" can give rise into quarks, gluons, leptons, etc., which materialize into EHE Nucleons, photons, and neutrinos with energies up to the GUT scale. (10^{14}-10^{16} GeV = 10^{13}-10^{15} eV) The figure shows the fluxes of the cosmic neutrinos produced by this mechanism. Neutrinos resulting from such decays reach energies of the grand unification (GUT) scale, and collisions of superhigh energy neutrinos with the cosmic background neutrinos initiate neutrino cascading which enhances the EHE neutrino flux at Earth.

The cosmic neutrino flux produced by monopoles formed in symmetry-breaking phase transitions in the early universe (Yoshida, Sommers et al 1995).

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