Indirect Detection of WIMPs by KM3

High-energy neutrino detectors can be used for indirect detection of WIMPs.


Is high-energy neutrino astronomy a (the best?) method to detect WIMPs and to test Supersymmetry theory?

Scientific Motivation

The fundamental scientific motivation for high-energy neutrino as the means to detect WIMPs is that for very high (TeV scale) mass WIMPs direct detection techniques are not adequate. The fluxes are too low and the mass too high.


WIMP annihilation neutrinos from the Sun will be localized to an angular region of about 1 degree centered on the Sun.

Reference to Papers relating to detecting WIMP annihilation neutrinos:

KM3 Project

KM3 a telescope designed to detect and identify point sources of high-energy (greater than 1 TeV) neutrinos

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