Cosmic D- and F-Strings From Brane Inflation Scenario

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Brane inflation scenario is one of the leading theories that incorporates the concept of extra dimensions with the Inflationary Big Bang scenario [4]. According to the Brane inflation scenario, space-time has more than 3 spatial dimensions, and the dimensional space in which we are living is only a slice (or so called brane) of the entire bulky configuration. Therefore, some other slices also exist, and they are connected by extra-dimensional coordinates. Inflation is considered as a process where two branes containing symmetry get closer to finding their way to true minima.

When they collide, the exponential expansion of space (inflation) ends and initiates the radiation dominated era of the Big Bang theory. It is remarkable that this scenario predicts that cosmic D- and F-strings are to be produced at the end of the inflation so that cosmic strings could be saved from devastating dilution by inflation.

Fig. 2 Brane-Inflation Scenario that can result in the production of cosmic D- and F-strings [4]. Brane and anti-brane move toward each other during the inflation and each contains symmetry. When they collide, inflation ends and symmetry vanishes leaving radiation, D- and F-strings behind in the brane we live in.

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