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Monte Carlo Simulations

Speed, Reliability, Parallel processing

We need to generate more than a million events per day. Currently one workstation using old (GEANT-based) code can do one event per day. We are partly through the development of code to do this more quickly and need it implemented on a parallel processor. The current status of the software development is briefly outlined on the Kilometer-scale Neutrino Detector Physics and Software Status Page

Add new neutrino and other physics to simulation software
e.g. tau-neutrino generation, tau-propagation and decay particle shower.

Event Visualization

graphical display of a neutrino or background event

graphical display of detector response to such an event

graphical display of reconstructed event

Event Reconstruction
Basic: neutrino or muon, direction, energy, location

Event Recognition - separation of events and backgrounds

COMBAT Goals for developing software tools.

COMBAT Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Tools - A NASA Astronomical Information Sciences project to develop effective software for large data set projects and the CMB.
CMB Software Pipeline
CMB Software Plan