Vanessa Arce

has worked in the Smoot group since 1997. Vanessa's responsibilities include assisting with grant budgeting and administration, financial tracking and reporting, and other administrative support.

Vanessa working at her desk in December 1999.

Vanessa coordinates visitor, new employee, and student procedures.

Vanessa Arce can be reached by:
Fax: (001) 510 486-7149 (or alternately 486-6738)

If Vanessa Arce cannot be reached and it is urgent try Jeanne Miller at 486-5704, email, Karen Edwards at 486-4384, fax 486-6738, email, Barbara Malfatti at 486-4384, or Linda Miller (no relation) (486-4036)

High resolution version

High resolution version Vanessa in her office July 2002

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