Professor George Smoot

works in experimental astrophysics and observational cosmology. Smoot has been at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (formerly Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory) since 1970 and is most famous for his research on the cosmic background radiation. This radiation is thought to be the relic of the intense heat of the early Big Bang.

In April 1992, George Smoot made the announcement that the long sought variations in the early Universe had been observed by the COBE DMR team he led. NASA's COBE (Cosmic Background Explorer) satellite mapped the intensity of the radiation from the early Big Bang and found variations so small they had be the seeds on which gravity worked to grow the galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and clusters of clusters that are observed in the Universe today.

Professor Smoot has also written a popular book about cosmology, some of his experiments and experiences, and the COBE discovery named "Wrinkles in Time" avaialbe at your book store or Amazon Books

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A copy of Dr. Smoot's biography which is published in CURRENT BIOGRAPHY (Vol 55, No. 4 April 1994) provides a brief summary.

1994 OMNI Magazine Interview

Many have interpreted my research work as having something to say about religion , proof of God , and creation 1 . 2. 3.

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