Physics 139 Homework

for Prof. Smoot's class

This is the current version of Physics 139 Homework. During the course of the semester adjustments are made to the Homework Problem Sets as they are developed. The reading asigmments will adjusted to meet student requests for an altered course syllabus.
Homework Due At
Discussion Section Week of
Homework Assignments Alternate or Additional
January 19 Introduction PS PDF Homework 0: html Solution 0
January 22 Chapter 1: PS PDF Homework 1: ps pdf Alternate 1 Alternate 2
January 28 Chapter 2: PS PDF Homework 2: PS PDF HTML Lorentz (ps) Transf. (pdf)
February 8 Chapter 3: PS PDF Homework 3: (ps) (pdf) HTML (old) Alternate 3a: PS PDF
February 15 Chapter 4: PS PDF Homework 4: PS PDF HTML (old)
February 22 Chapter 5: PS PDF Homework 5: PS PDF HTML
Tuesday, Feb 26 (or Thursday, Feb 28) MidTerm Exam 1 11-12:30 AM
February 25 Chapter 6: PS PDF Homework 6: PS PDF
March 1 Chapter 7: PS PDF Homework 7: PS PDF figure PS PDF
March 8 Chapter 8: PS PDF Homework 8: PS PDF figure PS PDF animation
March 15 Chapter 9: PS PDF Homework 9: PS PDF figure curvilinear.pdf
March 22 Spring Break
March 29 Chapter 10: PS PDF Homework 10: HTML PS PDF
Thursday April 10 MidTerm Exam 2 2-3:30 PM
April 5 Chapter 11: PS PDF Homework 11: PS PDF figures grav lens animation
April 12 Chapter 12: PS PDF Homework 12: PS PDF LISA Mission
April 19 Chapter 13: PS PDF Homework 13: PS PDF Instructions
April 22 Popular Article Research Report
April 26 Review: Continuous notes (large): PS PDF \br Summary Sheet PS PDF Homework 14 PS PDF
May 3 Cosmology: PS PDF Homework 15: PS PDF
May 10 Reading Week Unifying Gravity and EM Homework 16: ps pdf About String Theory
May 15 Friday Review Session String Theory 1-2:30 PM 333 LeConte
May 16 Friday Final Exam 12:30-3:30 PM 343 Le Conte

Homework includes a research report which is a brief (approximately one to two page) report of a recent popular scientific article which demonstrates some significant feature of relativity. Its due date is April 23, 2001.